Claims Issues

A west coast real estate brokerage had suffered a string of bad luck and had the claim payments to show it. By documenting root cause analysis for each claim and preparing comprehensive action plans to mitigate the risk of similar incidents, they were pleasantly surprised to find themselves facing a premium decrease from their partners for the first time in almost a decade.


A southern brokerage had worked through a local agency since they were founded, it had been a mutually beneficial relationship where clients were referred back and forth. With more of their clients buying personal lines insurance online the relationship became strained and the brokerage decided to look at other options on their E&O insurance renewal.

The experts at were able to access specialty real estate insurance markets and cut the premium by 64% on renewal with better terms.

Affiliated Businesses

After one of their partners started preforming home appraisals a small brokerage found their insurance coverage non-renewed. Even worse, after looking closely at their policy they discovered the firm had no coverage for the part time business brokerage it operated under the same banner. The team at sprang into action and secured replacement coverage in under twenty four hours.

Hadn’t Read the Policy

Although not an uncommon occurrence, an expert real estate insurance broker had presented their policy review to a new client of and discovered the buyer had never read their policy and had no clue what it covered. The renewal options presented were at varying price points with corresponding coverage. Working together the quickly growing real estate firm made a educated decision on the best coverage options for their organization.