We help you navigate the insurance market and make sure that your insurance covers each professional employed by your firm, each independent contractor you might engage and the business entity itself.

We have insurance policies that are able to cover the following entities:

Real Estate Brokers

While mandatory in some states, professional liability insurance for a real estate brokerage firms is something each firm should purchase.  Professional liability insurance will cover your firm in the event that it is sued for an error or an omission in the rendering of professional services.

Real Estate Agents

The professional liability insurance you purchase for your brokerage will protect each of your agent’s individual assets as well.  Coverage will be provided whether the claim is made against the real estate firm, or against an individual agent.

Property Managers

Many real estate firms offer property management services as well.  It is important to realize that not every professional liability policy will cover this.  If this is something you do, we will work with you to secure coverage for this exposure.

Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors looking to differentiate themselves and show themselves to be credible and trustworthy may look to insurance to help them reach that goal.  Purchasing professional liability insurance as an inspector may set you apart from other companies, and help you build a better partnership with the real estate agent.

Property Appraisers

The broad coverage we offer for appraisal firms includes coverage for FHA/HUD appraisals under the new guidelines.  These policies can also provide protection for other professional services including leasing, brokerage, and auctioneering.

Mortgage Brokers

We have access to a product that protects firms who are acting as mortgage brokers.  This coverage can be purchased as additional protection for real estate brokerage firms or appraisal firms who may also be acting as a mortgage broker.