PA Real Estate Agents Not Required to Disclose Murder

**UPDATE:  The plaintiff in the matter has asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court take the case.  Stay tuned as the matter develops.

A split state superior court in Pennsylvania has ruled that real estate agents in the state are not required to disclose when a murder has happened in a house.

In 2008 an investor purchased a house at auction that was the site of a murder suicide. The investor and his agent confirmed with both the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission and the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors that the event did not need to be disclosed. The next buyer was unaware of the history and sued.

“If psychological defects must be disclosed then we are not far from requiring sellers to reveal that a next-door neighbor is loud and obnoxious, or on some days you can smell a nearby sewage plant, or that the house was built on an old Indian burial ground,” the court wrote. “Indeed, one could identify numerous psychological problems with any house.”

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